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    Inspiration for Seas of Snow by Kerensa Jennings

    It started in a dark, closed room. Me, alone with some police evidence tapes, spooling through images. Marking up time codes, the numbers burnt into the pictures in a hidden way the public can’t see when they’re transmitted on TV. Making notes of useful shots we could make into sequences. Seeing with my own eyes […]

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    My favourite holiday: Kerensa Jennings on why you just can’t beat north-west Scotland

    I think you always remember your first big holiday and I recall so much about the first time I went abroad. I was nine years old and we went to Gran Canaria. I remember clearly the volcanic landscape and eating paella for the first time. That’s what sticks in my mind. We were staying on […]

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    Oxford reflections

    My time as a student opened my eyes to the wonder of the world. The value of giving people a chance. How precious it can be to light a spark in someone, to ignite their potential. The importance of diversity. And it fostered my lifelong love of literature… I was thrilled to be asked by […]

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    An Interview with Kerensa Jennings

    This is by a long way the most comprehensive print article to date. We cover inspirations, psychopaths, fairy tales and writing techniques. Linda Hill posted this, saying I was one of the most fascinating authors she had ever interviewed!

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    Author Guest Post – Good Vs Evil – A Story as Old as Time by Kerensa Jennings

    We all love stories. We can lose ourselves in them. Escape, run away. Use them as a source of solace and comfort. Empathise with the characters, feel their joy, endure their pain. Stories give us permission to live an alternate reality, fly away into our imaginations. Stories give us permission to experience what psychologists call […]

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    Orchids were the repository of her dreams

    One of the questions posed to me was how do I get inspired to write. I thought for anyone who really does want to know the answer, it would be useful to share the text from my professorial lecture. I presented a critical analysis of the creative process in 2015 when I officially took up […]

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    Kerensa Jennings reveals details of her debut novel ‘Seas Of Snow’

    The secrets behind #SeasOfSnow on the TalkRadio Book Club slot. A real pleasure to talk with superstar broadcaster and writer Penny Smith. We cover everything from psychopaths to the inside story of the Seas Of Snow cover art to how I approach fiction writing.