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    Inspiration for Seas of Snow by Kerensa Jennings

    It started in a dark, closed room. Me, alone with some police evidence tapes, spooling through images. Marking up time codes, the numbers burnt into the pictures in a hidden way the public can’t see when they’re transmitted on TV. Making notes of useful shots we could make into sequences. Seeing with my own eyes […]

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    My favourite holiday: Kerensa Jennings on why you just can’t beat north-west Scotland

    I think you always remember your first big holiday and I recall so much about the first time I went abroad. I was nine years old and we went to Gran Canaria. I remember clearly the volcanic landscape and eating paella for the first time. That’s what sticks in my mind. We were staying on […]

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    Oxford reflections

    My time as a student opened my eyes to the wonder of the world. The value of giving people a chance. How precious it can be to light a spark in someone, to ignite their potential. The importance of diversity. And it fostered my lifelong love of literature… I was thrilled to be asked by […]

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    An Interview with Kerensa Jennings

    This is by a long way the most comprehensive print article to date. We cover inspirations, psychopaths, fairy tales and writing techniques. Linda Hill posted this, saying I was one of the most fascinating authors she had ever interviewed!